Our Goals

Stauffer Design Studio is a collaborative design environment seeking to create place. We design with the intention of creating landscapes that act as a framework to reveal the true nature of a site, cultivate community, create solace and respite, reinforce natural systems, enhance relationships between the natural and built environments, and to understand the dynamic forces of nature, culture, and use.

Our Philosophy

Landscapes are not meant to be observed, but are meant to envelop the whole of our being, they are constantly becoming and transforming just as we are . Each project is an opportunity to further investigate the intricate and complex world in which we live and try to make sense of our place within it.  We work closely with clients and the existing site to understand the values on the table and the forces at play. We take the responsibility of creating a sustainable, purposeful, and meaningful place seriously, and are determined to create engaging and dynamic solutions.

What to Expect After You Contact Us

First we meet with you, hear about your project ideas, and see your site. This usually takes about an hour and there is no fee. If you feel like we are a good fit for you, we then send you a proposal for our design services, which generally fall under the tasks of Site Analysis, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Phasing Plan, and Landscape Management Plan.  All proposals include additional client meetings along the way as needed to get your input and feedback. It is rare that a project has each of these tasks included,  every proposal is tailored to our clients’ needs.

We are excited to announce that we have recently applied for our resellers permit, which allows us to locate plant material for your project, and help with installation. A lot of our clients want to install their new designs over time themselves, but we do have a contractor that we work closely with to help with site preparation and hardscape, and now we will be able to help with the planting too as needed. After the design phase is complete, we write a new proposal for any additional services needed such as Construction Administration, Plant procurement, and Installation.